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Tryout Listing

9U - Select Division

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Spartan Baseball Club
Bryce Henson
, OH
Added: 03/08

The Spartan Baseball Club is holding one spot open for a pitcher with above average arm strength. Please contact us if your desire is to develop your son into a dominant pitcher. NOTE: This is an open ended tryout posting. Please contact Bryce Henson at 937.422.2323 for a private tryout.

11U - Select Division

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Westerville Naturals
Jim Hendrickson
Westerville, OH
Added: 03/09

The Westerville Naturals 11U Travel Team is looking for 1 additional player for the 2015 COYBL season. Please contact Jim Hendrickson at 1-614-207-0074 for additional information and a private tryout.

12U - Select Division

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Next Level Baseball
Drew Albrinck
Cincinnati, OH
Added: 03/25

We are looking for one more player for our 12U "Tournament Only" team. All but one tournament is local to the Cincinnati area.  We will play nine tournaments. This allows us to consistently conduct practices during the week, providing the kids that continuous improvement at this age. Please contact Alex Vice at 513-520-1788 if you are interested in a personal tryout.  Act quickly as the season is ready to begin!

"My goal with Next Level Baseball (NLB) is to teach young men how to succeed on and off the field.  I want NLB players and future alumni to take what they learn while playing for the organization and apply that to any challenges they face in life.  I want NLB players to believe in themselves but also believe in the process.  Success does not happen over night.  The coaching staff and I have set up training programs and practices to prepare our teams for their season, but also to prepare the individuals to perform at levels they have never imagined.  Without hard work and trust in the coaching staff, these levels will never be reached". 

"The NLB Way is simple.  Believe in each other.  Put your individual wishes aside to help achieve a greater goal.  Buy into the coaches, your teammates, and the organization.  Most importantly, have fun.  Winning is fun, working hard is fun, and doing something you love is fun." Alex Vice - Founder, Next Level Baseball












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